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We welcome your positive intention towards enjoying the satisfaction, intimacy, passion, and life connections we all desire. For us, it’s been a wonderful journey into our own souls to truly see what’s important and relevant to that journey. We have found easy, fun and practical ways to break down the barriers to sexual wellness and satisfaction and the critical importance of Right Relationship to self and others. We have a good time showing and sharing these intense and liberating strategies for Right Relationship. Right Relationship has been ‘proven’ to be an absolute necessity for longevity and success. At TAC, we recognize and are able to overcome the challenges of bringing light into the dark areas of the sexual experience for anyone.

Allow yourself to engage in this natural and unique approach for your sexual health and wellbeing. We offer compassionate support and guidance towards your sexual wellness for the benefit of optimal health and life enjoyment. We enjoy growing and working with those seeking the benefits and fun of connection and intimacy.

Terra Aqua Curación is an international based service offering assistance and consultation on physiological energy-based curative techniques and alternative based wellness practices. Our work is centered on creating happy moments and releasing the rejuvenating power of unblocked sexual energy. This is the quickest and most expansive way of inspiring self-healing, connection, and unity.

We are practicing esoteric specialists in the power of you opening to Yourself

We can assist and guide you towards your sexual health & happiness

Your sexual ‘wellness’ is uniquely linked to your health and life capacity