Our 24hr programs are tailored to allow you to get to a place of wellness and personal truth for resolution, through resolving sexual conflicts and problems in a time frame suited to you. All things are sensitive to the personal values of each person to ensure compassion, respect, and acceptance during your time with us.

Your health, success in life and your longevity, are tied to your sexual wellness and fulfillment unique to your needs. The bottom line for most people is, "You can’t do anything when you’re not feeling well" meaning that you can’t take advantage of the many opportunities to pursue successful endeavors or reap the benefit of any success you have. Health is more than regular exercise and eating ‘right’. It's more than having some spiritual base. It’s more than trusting in the diagnosis and suggestions of a physician. It is working out the deeper issues constricting your ability to achieve true wellness.

Sexual wellness and fulfillment work to ease and soothe the gut, senses, and mind. This is important based on recent findings that show the direct link between major illness and dysfunction with intestinal issues, stressed out and overtaxed nervous systems, and the suggestive or mild-to-severe hypochondria associated with various ideas and beliefs surrounding pain and illness. For proper body function, the nerves to operate beneficially, and the mind to produce thoughts and actions that support good health, there must be an increased and regular practice of pleasure for the body and maximum release for the senses.

This cannot be produced through traditional forms of exercise, meditation and or chemical/substance use. Physiologically,  pleasure and release incorporate and work through the body's systems in a manner still not fully known, that produces the greatest relief and most productive health benefit. Naturally, this changes the energy vibration of the body also affecting the spirit. When this can happen with more frequency on a regular basis, then it facilitates the pleasure of sexual fulfillment.  This is known as the absence of worry, anxiety, and insecurity in freely enjoying and engaging in your unique sexual manner. This supports the basic needs of acceptance, respect, and connection lying at the core of all our human interactions. When not consistently met, it creates both mental dysfunction and physical illness.

Longevity has more to do with what you ‘feel’ in life rather than how much access to resources, knowledge acquired or brief fun loving moments (like 1-nite stands and hook-ups).  There is no replacement for the human touch, which brings happiness and contentment, leading to longevity. Lack of sexual fulfillment works against longevity through a shortened outlook and cyclic disabling choices. Bad health follows and eventually shortens your life span. Sexual wellness promotes longevity by guarding against unhappiness and discontent.

The most commonly know creative power is the reproductive function which limits your understanding of your own form of individual power and what it takes to use it. We are in the 21st Century, as a people, we are still bound to archaic and disproved notions about our sexual engagement.  This isn’t coincidence. The closest we can ever interact with another is to engage sexually in the sharing of our individual and unique energies. This transfer of energy communication has been shown to be a neutral entity taking on the spirit of the intent of the individuals. The famous Napoleon Hill spoke of sexual transmutation as the method of channeling sexual energy towards the fulfillment and attainment of your major goals. 

Low minded ideas and poor uses of sexual power keep you bound to traumas and dramas that take away everything from your life.  Everybody loves to have sex in whatever way they know or think they know how. It’s usually wrapped up in some form of misguided, misunderstood, abusive, intrusive, selfish, maligned, deceptive or vain actions with undesired consequences that follow. The malicious nature associated with sexual engagement is uniquely tied to the misinformation and misguidance about sex and sexual power. The news and social media discuss the ills but never about eliminating the source of these ills.

The traumas and dramas create cyclic patterns of behavior, keeping people trapped in repeatedly experiencing mental dysfunction and physiological challenges unsupportive of success and longevity. These negative experiences drain the energy and skew the body’s energy vibration, making the harmony and happiness required for contentment almost impossible without intervention.  There is a lack of understanding where apathy and complacency see “the mind as forgetting and the body as forgiving” but must change to the critically necessary process of “the mind being the forgiver while the body forgets”. Proper knowledge and practice of sexual power help create the space make this a reality.  A damaged immune system is remarkably aligned with your socioeconomic condition and life fulfillment. 


  •  A weakened or compromised immune system that begins, extends or ends, the functions of the body-mind
  • Shots, chemicals, pills, and quick-fix natural treatments don’t provide a balanced base to support the body
  • Food is your #1 and only medicine, everything else works to combat the ills of the food you have eaten
  • Dysfunction of mind and unclear thought processes are a part of the diet just like physical ailment
  • Obesity (30lbs over your BMI) is not sexy – you are what and "who" you eat
  • Poor diets lacking in real nutritional value versus consumptive value make for poor attitudes and poor values
  • Keys to natural health have to do with; blood, location, group, availability, necessity, and disposition – This is why there are several methods that can work for anyone if these factors are honestly considered for natural health
  • The quickest paths to reclaiming and maintaining health are laughter and unique fulfilling sexual engagements
  • Love Can Heal – but in the spirit of the Dali Lama & St. Thomas More  “the best love is spontaneous mutual affection; where the desire for love outweighs the need for each other”  the encompassing message is the individualized intent of ‘what’s in it for me’ or ‘ what am I getting out of it’ set up failures. 



Visualize – Energize – Improvize - Realize



PLEASE NOTE: As you will read, our programs are based on donations and there are no set fees to our guests for the advocacy, educational activities, and practices. ALL lodging is at seasonal cost and NON-REFUNDABLE.  While a donation is required as a gesture of self-investment, anyone that chooses to contribute may do so at any amount.

  • Dynamic Demigoddess (Restoring the Goddess)

    ♀ Chronic fatigue; frequent sickness complications

    ♀ Body image issues

    ♀ Loss of passion, drive, self-esteem

  • Male Illumination (Reclaiming Your Vigor)

    ♂ Low vitality; impotency

    ♂ Self-esteem issues

    ♂ Anger or dissociative demeanor

  • Practical Intimacy Now (PIN)

    ♥ The “magic” has ended in your relationship

    ♥ Empty-Nester's seeking reconnection

    ♥ Feeling stuck or stoic with your partner

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