Healing Flow Restoration Session

(Available for Couples, Men and Women)

Individual Sessions

Uses conscious breathing, sound, positive mental directives, and various body holds and stretches helping the recipient to experience substantial calm and inner peace, opening of the energy flow of the body, and release of deep set tensions and blockages that revitalize the energy system for healing. 

Couple Sessions
Partners can enjoy learning to give and receive joy to the body and peace to the mind, embracing a centering partner activity good for your relationship. You'll open to a deeper connection with self and partner designed to bring forth releasing into a deeper state of intimacy; a wonderful opportunity to feel refreshed, revitalized and delighted in your relationship. Learn different holds, cradles, and positions based on various modalities of touch, along with connection skills to gain more togetherness. While fostering intimacy- You will learn skills that intensify and enhance your romance.



All sessions are performed safely on a mat in comfortable attire for unrestricted movement (options available as needed). Recipients will enjoy the benefit of a unique integration of proven methods allowing physical and energetic release. Your security and comfort are assured relaxation and openness to a new state of wellness. 
All Sessions Available By Appointment Only and On A Donation Basis
Individual Session (90 minutes)                                                                                                    
Couples Session (150 minutes)