Jul. 13, 2015

The Real Story About Sex

A majority of people are not sure about what REAL SEX really is and what the benefits of sexual wellness practices and principles can do for you.

Like the universe we inhabit, embracing the principles and techniques of sexual wellness means expanding our awareness of our ideals, thoughts and actions in a holistic style using different energies. As we learn about conscious awareness of the connections of all things in our lives it will allow us to soothe and heal ourselves for improved life enjoyment.

As we realize this and learn the proper use of our inherent sensual spirituality, this will allow the discovery of the parts of ourselves that have remained asleep or have been repressed. Energy will be released that is geared for higher awareness and the use of this energy for our deepest pleasure, achieving goals, and evolving beyond our daily dramas.

Too many of us live our lives stuck in guilt, fear, limiting boundaries and beliefs that always have us seeking solutions. When those boundaries expand, new realms of awareness of the state of our energy and use of that energy allow for empowerment, fulfillment and personal satisfaction.

The Real Story About Sex is that sex has been so misunderstood, repressed and incorrectly practiced that there have been many false beliefs, a lot of miseducation and control of all matters concerning sex and sexuality. This has been purposely and directly aimed at keeping people from realizing their own power of relaxation, self-healing and revitalization for longevity and enjoyment in life.

Sex SHOULD be connected, sensual and fulfilling at the deepest of intimate levels, but our promoted and supported mistrust within society has kept many from the enjoyment of engaging in sexual activity at that level. Sex at its core is a form of communication. In the next post that point will be discussed from both a worldly and holistic viewpoint.


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