Jul. 15, 2015

Sex as the Ultimate Communication Tool

We all have a precious gift given by the Creator, the Source, as a great communicating tool that has the power to heal, the power to bring about increased and direct positive manifestation and the ability to sustain health and longevity better than any of the latest touted medicines and medical achievements. This is your sexual (creative) power and the means of communicating on subtle energy levels through sexual interaction, comprehension and awareness.

Unfortunately, it has been manipulated and eluded from the majority of us, and even when realized, the path to getting it back can be somewhat too hard for an individual to accomplish alone. Even with the right amount of support, the task of getting this back must be fulfilled on a personal level. I know some may think this is speaking about the mind, or even the spirit, but in fact what this refers to is your sexual (creative) power. Please understand, what this is, is NOT sexual style, persuasions, lifestyle or ideas, in fact not even sexual acts. What this speaks about is your choice of awareness within using your sexual (creative) power. Choose to believe it or not, but this choice will either be a doorway for enjoyment of the BEST of life, or it will be dismissed as just more hocus pocus on those locked in fear, trapped in misdirection, disbelief and victim mentalities.
Take a moment and think about this notion; in the spiritual world, there are no limits. There is no separation between desire and manifestation, no bridge to be made for exchanging energy of thought or intent. In physical form, the closest contact and situation between individuals is engagement sexually. Engaging sexually is truly the highest form of communication available on a physical plane, bearing in mind the subtle energies at play and the greater nonverbal communication of the human body that defies the ego-mind and speaks its own message. So, let's agree to disagree that sex is a form of communication. This may help with understanding the unexplainable actions, thoughts and behaviors of people centering on sexual (creative) energy. Have you ever wanted to say something but did not “have the words” to say it, or “no one to talk too”?
Right now, we live in a world filled to the brim with all the avenues and outlets of pleasure one can imagine. Yet we are mostly kept within a cage of conforming to ideas and lives that do little to allow us the pleasure and happiness we desire. Many believe that there is too much sex and that our sexuality is not lost but gone rampant, but a closer look at the disparaging despair, loneliness, dysfunction and chaos, covered with unrealistic and distasteful relating, will allow us to see things differently and with awareness, reveal how we have been led astray.
Unlike many money driven enterprises where technology for profit is made to make people believe they can replace the human touch with impersonal relating, this is a discussion to open the door for anyone seeking to brighten the path and be willing to walk out and away from the old sexuality programming into positive progressive sexuality where communication  between individuals is understood along with the additional benefits that come with that. In the next post that point will be discussed further.

Thanks for reading.

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Live. Well. Now.