Jul. 28, 2015

Venus Energy

Some of the major reasons surrounding Venus' being out of alignment are due to a lack of positive intent and the ills associated with an unbalanced flow of the feminine energy (Venus).
A few are listed below:
Sexually Commoditized – (Commoditized is the act of making something easy to obtain by making it regular, plentiful and inexpensive so that something is almost the same as any other offered. Females (Venus) that have bought into this mindset surrounding sexual engagement and their feminine sexuality help promote a cycle of sexual objectification of women, opening gaps for emotional imbalances to rationalize notions of shame, ridicule, hatred and guilt among several other negative beliefs.

To eliminate this issue, women should use structured meditation techniques to find effective release of an embraced story (thoughts) about roles and attributes of sexual engagement versus sharing of creative (sexual) energy. Despite the current sociological structure of male dominance, women (Venus) still wield considerable power and proper knowledge and use of feminine energy can bring about desired effects for a more equitable and harmonious life experience.

Emotional Instability – emotional instability for women (Venus) creates life focus from a fear based perspective that does not serve to resolve any of the issues a female may deal with. To external sources she may appear moody or overly sensitive, but in actuality she may be under the influence of physiological imbalances that can alter her state of being (living life), choices and overall demeanor in a negative way. This opens doors to experiencing more life trauma than necessary and spins a cycle of unsatisfying life occurrences.
Clearing blocks and restrictions of the feminine (Venus) energy in order to release stressors is a great way to handle a condition of emotional instability. Breathwork involving deep breathing, tantric based meditative practice and daily movement of the body can help alleviate stressors that cause and promote emotional instability.
Victim Identification – victim identification happens when the beliefs surrounding the feminine (Venus) experience are based upon the first two issues. Although it can be triggered by traumatic events, identifying oneself as a victim is a harsh reality for many women that see themselves as powerless and helpless to be their true selves and respected for the gift the represent in their physical form. This condition is promoted by men (Mars) out of alignment that seek to take advantage of women at every level. 
Again, the use of meditation techniques to relax the mind and see deeper into the gifts available through connecting with the feminine (Venus) energy allowing for openings of self discovery.

Tuning Out – tuning out means that the female has stopped listening to her body, or has allowed the shutting down of her body, becoming numb, stoic and sometimes even lethargic from the lack of positive energy flow. It’s no secret that women fulfill many critical roles within society that are emotionally draining and mentally taxing while also being on the low end of pay and respect. The energy it takes to fulfill these duties in service and to care for self can sometimes become overwhelming.
Listening to the body by allowing the mind to relax and the body to connect to the feminine spirit is a key benefit. Whether its for revitalization, sexual enhancement or self pleasuring satisfaction, nothing can align the energy for tuning IN to your body like these practices. As stated previously, breathwork along with practice and building of supportive quality connections through a positive environment and mindset can be the most beneficial solution to breaking down blockages and tuning back INTO the body.
Lack of Confidence Health – Lack of Confidence health allows the lack of self esteem to set low standards for the feminine self (Venus) and low standards for men (Mars) in all engagement and expectations that sets up a self defeating cycle. 

While these five areas did not cover specifics of female (Venus) issues customized to racial, cultural, age, status and background; any issues associated with blockages of the female energy can be associated with one or a combination of the five areas above. Remember, it is ALL about the flow of energy and the Oneness connection.

Thanks for reading.

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Live. Well. Now.