Aug. 6, 2015

Mars Energy

We focused on Venus last time, let's discuss some of the major issues surrounding ​male (​Mars​)​being out of alignment with a lack of positive intent, and some of the things that can ​alleviate​ ​the ills that plague a majority of men (Mars).​


Lustful Obsession – Over focus on sexual gratification in a direct or indirect manner. This is considerably an issue for Mars in th​is current society that has an environment full of​pleasure avenues and mass consumerism. The misleading verbal and visual communication along with the promoted negative use of energy increases the levels of lustful obsession, to where dysfunctional practices and relating becomes a normal way of operating. Sex and sexual engagement becomes a commodity and body parts are viewed as desirable accessories. Rationalization of this behavior is allowed through Mars' misunderstanding of the use of money (energy) as a means to an end towards fulfillment of these urges. This is bought on by lustful obsession based upon the negative use of creative sexual) energy of all involved. Whether it is actual cash money, resources, access, information, favor or unwarranted gain, the affect is still from a negative space and is cyclic in nature so that it continues until destroying any present positive aspects of the lives involved.

To hinder and eliminate this type of issue requires much discipline and inner reflection about the personal makeup of Mars energy, a ​positive release of sexual tension and anxiety surrounding the present position of Mars energy within society is needed​. This can be achieved with study surrounding male creative (sexual) energy through healing principles and techniques.


Paranoia – Males (Mars) suffer various levels of irrational fear based on varying levels of attention given towards ‘playing the game’ of romance or being successful in romantic pursuits; avoidance of being ‘played’ or taken advantaged of; proper and acceptable handling of societal sexual repression; emotional trauma of not adhering or fitting into the male dominated double standard rules of behavior (particularly those involving sex and sexual engagement) and the reinforced negative image and ideal of women (Venus) within society.

​ALL of this gives way to feelings of not being connected, lack of appreciation and unworthiness. The true oneness of all things and harmony of energies are ​masked by this paranoia, making positive intent within sexual engagement all but impossible.

 To prevent being overwhelmed by this paranoia, use of meditative techniques and the study of healing principles that explain the deeper aspects of energy use and connectedness will assist in alleviating pressures and thoughts that lead to a paranoid perception of the male (Mars) life experience and beliefs that support these feelings.


Defining the Lingam (Penis) – For a majority of men (Mars), their lives are constructed around the definition of their lingam (penis). This means that male (Mars ) interactions, self-definitions and perceptions are based upon the male’s definition/perception of the lingam. As body parts are measured and valued based upon negative societal views of their commodity, male beliefs can be poisoned by patterning and adherence to social beliefs, myths and legend that do not serve the needs of the individual and the greater good of society. Beliefs surrounding the size, girth, look, and capability of the lingam have a far reaching and profound effect on the way men (Mars) utilizes the creative (sexual) energy within. A male that ‘buys into’ social patterning beliefs surrounding the lingam can suffer years of frustration, anger, self-loathing, incapacity and also be unfulfilled.

 Social acceptance is one of the major needs of human existence, and a male’s ​beliefs surrounding the lingam will speak volumes to the social circles he seeks out and belongs to. His withdrawal or attraction to interaction and harmony with female (Venus) energy, his ability to form positive relationships and the level and depth of his prowess and understanding surrounding sex and sexual engagement will all affected.

Healing practices enable the male to override social beliefs and patterning to understand his unique capability surrounding body image, use of and beliefs about the lingam, and the energy and power associated with it.  A healthy idea and definition of the lingam allows for greater connecting opportunities to be realized and embraced paving the way for a more positive and fulfilling human living experience and increased sexual satisfaction.


Inadequacy – The first three issues can combine in various ways and can bring about a persistent feeling of inadequacy within the man (Mars) and create longstanding blockages of the positive flow of energy. Inadequacy can ​become the major focus of the male experiencing and living out these feelings and they can override more natural and positive flowing emotions and open paths to experiencing emotional and physical trauma. When using the word inadequacy, this is not to be applied just to the creative (sexual) arena. Men (Mars) suffer major issues of inadequacy based upon the unsuccessful handling of lustful obsession, destructive behaviors based in paranoia, and improper beliefs that define the lingam and use of the lingam in sexual engagement. Any of these areas can be the catalyst to delve into deep feelings of inadequacy that hinder positive channeling of the male (Mars) energy and positive intent based sexual engagement.


Breath work and meditation​, along with practice of the​ building of supportive​,​ quality connections through a healing​ environment and mindset can be the most beneficial solution to breaking down blockages stemming from inadequacy and eliminating beliefs and patterns that assist in letting go of that focus based emotional feeling.


Unhealthy Lifestyle – An unhealthy lifestyle keeps a majority of men (Mars) from performing at their best on an emotional, mental and physical level. It’s not just about keeping away from processed and fatty food, getting in a solid workout and eliminating the major vices (smoking, alcohol, etc.) from daily life; it’s more about channeling the right energy and releasing the blockages that keep men (Mars) from reaching the best potential, moment to moment.

Self-medication through alcohol, smoking and the use of prescribed, street or over the counter drugs and supplements is a huge issue concerning blockages of the male energy. The conditions making self-medication attractive surround emotional and physical trauma and negative based beliefs that cycle the emotions and open paths to negative intent based sexual engagement.

The optimal healthy lifestyle incorporates daily soothing of stress and frustration, regularly ridding the body of physiological suffering and trauma, and persistent focus on the positive flow of personal energy. While there are many ways to conduct and achieve these points, healings allow coverage of all three areas within the basic foundational practices.




While these five areas did not cover specifics of male (Mars) issues customized to racial, cultural, age, status and background; any issues associated with blockages of the male energy can be associated with one or a combination of the five areas covered. Remember, all is energy and all is connection.



Thanks for reading.

As always,

Live.​ Well​. Now.