Aug. 15, 2015

SuperLover Keys to Positive Intent

Understanding the unique benefits surrounding the positive intent towards sexual engagement will entirely change the use of your subtle energy and the life experiences that stem from the flow or blockage of this energy. A Superlover ensures that the responsibility of positive intent is at the forefront of decisive action when choosing to share and communicate through sexual engagement.

Unlike the status quo, where unconscious, unaware and misguided sexual engagement is the usual, a Superlover ensures the positive intent associated with sexual engagement by consistent practice and study of  physiological energy based curative techniques and other holistic principles. Right intent, thought and action is the interactive manner of a Superlover. This is almost guaranteed to produce the positive results through the communication of sex.
This positive intent has more to do with understanding the desire or urge for sexual engagement as a need or want for connection, and in the broadest sense the desire to connect with Source/Universe/God. Through sexual engagement the innate requirement of acceptance, attachment and unconditional love can be felt and realized on all levels. Scientists from all disciplines have studied and noted the adverse affects of a lack or nonexistence of these desires in the lives of individuals, couples and family units for healthy development and life experience.
After understanding becomes a natural flow of operation, the next step of positive intent is in acceptance. All individuals seek acceptance on various levels. Those that turn away from seeking or allowing acceptance into their lives suffer isolation and a self-fulfilling loneliness that becomes a dangerous atmosphere of living.  With not giving attention or focus to how things should or must be,  see things in the present NOW moment and focus on the better part and deeper meaning of what IS. 

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