Sep. 4, 2015

Miscommunication within Sexual Engagement

The communication of sex is also an exchange of energy information through the subtle energy of our bodies. This exchange of communication is entirely dependent upon the intent of those engaged. Intent is everything when it comes to the type of communication between two people. If the intent of those engaged is in conflict, sex can block or close energy channels, promote and bring about illness and disease, separate or cause disharmony, block the manifestation of desires and facilitate deviation, repression, oppression and pathological behavior. It must be known that engaging in sex for purposes of purely gratifying a lustful desire like an overpowering urge and not subject to reason, to achieve aims or “get your way”, as a capitalistic venture (driven by profit only) will serve as negative intents to sexual engagement and definitely block the positive results possible through this unique communication. Verified by both science and nature, there is no other activity that can reap so many positive benefits as gratifying and desired as positively intended sexual engagement.

Many times miscommunication is cyclic and is the root cause of ongoing emotional or physical trauma, deep seated anger and frustration, promotes depression and sadness through creation and sustainment of chemical imbalances in the body, and sets the stage for mental and physical disease and manic or life threatening situations. Unfortunately the purpose of sex many may believe and live by is a symptom of the ignorance and miseducation surrounding sex and sexuality. Sex does not communicate status, dependence, prowess or capability. It does not communicate long term or future feelings beyond the moment and never communicates trust. All these things are notions that are best left to actual verbal communication.

Let’s discuss the miscommunication of sexual engagement from improper intent. Free will trumps all, and we can only receive what we are vibrating as a Universal and Cosmic rule. Therefore the negative or unwanted conditions that manifest from these types of sexual engagements are the sole responsibility of each party involved. Engaging in sex when there is conflict from internal or external forces is the underlying cause of all negative effects that create openings and gaps for more negative energy flow to manifest.

Blocking and closing of energy channels creates stiffness and pain within the body as well as mental instability. Many people complain of back, hip and leg pain, not understanding that even with all the exercise, stretching and medication, cannot be alleviated unless there is a clearing of the present energy blockages they possess. As stated previously, there is no better method than proper sexual engagement that can do so. These improperly intended sexual engagements also block the creative ability since the creative (sexual) energy is not flowing or being utilized properly. This keeps the manifestation of desires from occurring, or occurring frequently enough for a positive experience of life enjoyment. This is where the ugliness really starts to appear.

The conflict and blocking of energy promotes illness and disease within the body and mind. Venereal (Social) diseases are the main byproducts that receives the most attention. Yes, there are conditions that are explainable by biological conditions, but a healthy body requires a healthy mind/vibration. Doctors have admitted that the majority of disease and illness can be directly linked to the mental state. The mental state is connected to the state of energy or spirit of the individual. Most do not realize the benefits they receive from small actions they take for themselves daily. It may look innocent and worthless, but that small talk, moment of prayer/meditation or short walk or time with a pet works wonders for the energy body. Imagine the power of rightly intended sexual engagement.

Take this quote to heart. ‘Sex is always about emotions. Good sex is about free emotions; bad sex is about blocked emotions’-Deepak Chopra.

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