Sep. 30, 2015

What's Behind the Negative Intent?

Negative intent, intent based upon any of the previously mentioned aims for purposes of purely gratifying a lustful desire (overpowering urge and not subject to reason or established code) or for the purposes of power positioning (to achieve aims or “get your way”) or capitalistic venture (driven by profit only) are negative based intent to sexual engagement and block the positive results possible through this unique communication.
These aims are negative because at their core, they seek to take, rob or steal energy from the other sexually engaged individual(s), particularly for the gain or enhancement of the negatively intended individual. Again, this is vampirism in the highest form and the underlying basis for the fictional monster stories about vampires. No wonder the stories are so popular, for these stories promote what is being carried out within society today. From a high level it is done by manipulation of resources, money (energy), and time (control). On lower levels it is portrayed in the schemes, relational gaming, health matters, food, profit strategies and pornography. Unfortunately, this is a destructive cycle that would eventually only bring negativity to all if it were not for the balancing power of greater forces. Stealing of the lifeforce, the energy that revitalizes and allows for creativity (portrayed as blood or seminal fluid) is a practice of negative intent.
The first clue, red flag, or gut feeling that should trigger one to recognize an individual with a negative intent towards sexual engagement, is there severe limiting or too broad ideals towards sexual engagement. Negative intent has only one aim and that is the taking of the energy from another, so within that code the extremes will be the preferences. Science and study have shown that celibacy and over-masturbation are destructive to the human body. Celibacy can cause terminal illnesses (nervous system, groin area) and over-masturbation causes illnesses of excess (kidneys, digestive system). The ends justify the means, and to whatever end being sought, negative intent will dictate what extreme must be presented. As there are no victims, it also falls that the partner being taken from is vibrating in a position to accept whatever extreme to meet their own needs also which is to be taken from because of irresponsibility and disrespect for their own energy.
The second clue concerning negative intent is that it will only allow the taker to be available for the activity of taking. There may be moments of tolerance, but minimal at best. Like sharks, those vibrating a negative intent will only busy themselves with that activity of taking, for there is an addictive feel and deep hunger associated with this vibration. If one vibrates this negative intent for too long, then the addictive hunger becomes insatiable, until such time that destructive events occur to balance the energy gone astray. Yes, for most this will be someone available only for sexual engagement, but taking is not limited to just the creative energy of sex, and rarely stops at that point. As we vibrate in a total energy package, the taking steals energy from as much or as many energy segments possible. Again, those being robbed of their energy are vibrating at a pace where this is what is being allowed and asked for, and will continue until balancing events occur.
Lastly, the third way to truly recognize the negative intent is its major focus on energy itself. Again, the addictive hunger requires energy from taking, in any form. Now, intent towards the need for money will follow suit, as money is energy. The intent is not the need for money, but what the money is needed for. Negative intent is only focused on the achievement of self-aims and not sharing or partner/group aims. Individual manifestation is a responsibility and requires understanding and using one’s own power to achieve desires. It does not mean you cannot get paid for doing work, providing services, etc., but it does mean that if your aim is getting the money and not in providing a helpful product or service or in helping the partner/group also achieve, then negative intent is the driving force.
Meditation allows for a deeper self perspective. Through the clearing of the chakras, the aim and desires of life can be internally reviewed and discovered. Practice of these principles will open up blockages to the positive flow of energy, by requiring a higher vibration in thoughts and actions, and yes, including but not limited to those focused upon sex and sexuality. This inner work and self introspection will allow one to be less controlled and be in a state of vibrating using or attracting negative intent experiences.
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