Nov. 14, 2015

Self Esteem

Our culture is so transactions oriented that even the idea of esteem, value beyond the material, sometimes seems to be a means to an end. As a result, our respectability may rest on whether or not we are viewed by others as "worth" something or as making it financially or as deserving of approval or as able to get wealth or fame. This understanding of esteem is in keeping with the dominant paradigm of our capitalist society.
But genuine esteem is not a means to the end of social acceptance. It's a process all to itself. Esteem is that little voice in our head that rates, values and judges everything we say, think, and do. It's our narrator and our witness and sometime our judge and jury if we are not mindful. Because this voice is so private, it seems like it's just us, like it's on our side, like it's all ours. But our own self esteem can become overwhelmed by the power of external society...the voice not of our selves, but of social status and judgment. It can become a faulty filter that informs our reality and the actions we take. It's such an intrinsic filter, it appears to be reality itself, like the ego and sometimes is just as powerful.
We at TAC like to focus on healthy self-esteem. What are the feelings in your life that radiate in you and make you shine, that make you feel whole, that make you feel your heart? That feeling, which we long to feel from others, is the vibration we want to practice with ourselves. That's where we want to live with ourselves. It doesn't happen from the outside in.
That's why it's called self-esteem. Take some time out to write yourself a loving letter. Let yourself know all those traits you appreciate. Anything that hasn't been said about how great you are, say it now!
Thanks for reading.
As always, 


Live. Well. Now.