Dec. 7, 2015


Some people think they have discernment when actually they are just suspicious. Suspicion lives in an unrenewed mind; discernment lives in a renewed spirit.
To distinguish subtleties in a person, place or thing is to perceive nuance and detail. Connoisseurs of food and fine wine aim to discern the most elegant, finest samplings the artisanal world of food and drink have to offer. With years of education and highly tuned palates, they distinguish the best among tons of products.
But unlike the connoisseur, we tend to choose a mate based not on education but on past mistakes and youthful follies. Rarely do we school ourselves in human nature or in our behavior. Rather, we dismiss our wants, desires and their cost to others as we run blindly toward the next attractive person on our radar. Discernment is nowhere to be found in our process. Instead, we grab like gluttons at any piece of flesh that appeals in the foodbar of relationships. No wonder we get emotional indigestion when, months later, we wake up next to someone who couldn't be less right for what we want and need!
When you are seeking a potential mate or your current partner, use discrimination in your attention. If you focus on your lover's strengths and attractive qualities, your recognition of these will bring out the best in him or her. If these things are not seen, maybe they are not present and after a time, looking for the best will not be enough. Equally important, this process brings out the best in you too, as you apply your most discerning awareness to acknowledge what you genuinely value. You heightened awarness will help you to evaluate wisely and honestly, and will have you seeing differently once you have chosen.

When you next walk through that farmers market or the produce section of your local grocer, take time to differentiate good fruits and vegetables from the best. This is an act of discernment and sensuality. Touch, smell, and taste them (if allowed...LOL) before you choose.
How discerning were you when you chose your current partner? Do you feel resentful because you mistook him or her for being different than he or she is? If so, work on that today and just remember...this is your issue, no one can change it but you.

Thanks for reading.
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Live. Well. Now.