Dec. 29, 2015

Sexual Footprints

What do you believe the impact of sexuality and sexual activity is on ourselves and on our lives? We hear a lot about carbon footprints and some of us have started to pay attention to the impact of our consumption on this earth. So to trace our sexual footprint, we might think back on the consequences of our sexual choices, whether casual or conscious.
Initial sexual encounters may set a pattern. Understanding and healing damaging formative experiences that were our begining stepping stones in our sexual development is imperative, because sometimes those stepping stones petrify into the expected path, the known and travelled terrain, the brick road. Every sexual experience builds certain muscles and creates a filter, and can exclude other muscles and filters. Over time, experiences can create good pathways while pruning the not so useful ones. Such cultivation affects our entire sexual nature, but is often difficult to see since we are so into our own experience that it appears as simple reality. Often, sexual experiences before puberty lead to inappropriate sexualization. Adult survivors of incest or childhood sexual abuse can feel guilt or complicity for premature sexual activity. But of course, children do not have the comprehension, capacity, or power to make decisions for their own sexual health. So it's crucial that adult survivors take charge in the present by working through any unprocessed trauma to be able to move forward.
Mature sexual connections involve an intensely intimate audience with a partner. Yet it can often seem like there's a conspired agreement afterward to ignore the depth of sensations and to deny the myriad of thoughts as they occur. We need to focus on aligning our love-making with a person who will vibrate with us, affecting each other like tuning forks. If we're engaging in dishonest, shameful or toxic sexuality, then how could we NOT manifest the same type of sexual footprint making that our destined path?
At TAC, we seek to engage in healthy intimacy and bring this capacity to our larger relationship...with life itself.
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