Apr. 5, 2016


We may have all heard this common enough phrase: "I'm not in the mood." Whether it's a defense against social events or sexual intimacy, we all know how much mood plays a part in our personal momentum.
The "I'm not in the mood" excuse might be based on avoidance, which can in turn be based on past trauma or resentment or even confusion. So "I'm not in the mood" is truly a catchphrase for "I am dealing with some personal issues around this issue or some other issues that I haven't brought to light yet."
I saw a random quote online that stated only once we actually commit to taking an action does the universe give us the energy to do it. So when we feel this lack of right mood, it's because we're not fully committed to the right action. Children similarly often don't want to go outside to play or get involved in healthy activities, but once they start they don't want to stop. So as adults, if we let our so-called moods derail activities that are sensible, reasonable, and healthy for us, it's likely that there are underlying issues we should seek to understand. To help us, Instead of being "not in the mood," we might really be craving security or quiet or solitude or warmth. By working on saying what we want or need and coming to know our moods, we can learn to regulate them so our moods are not our masters.
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