Apr. 20, 2016


Whatever we do becomes a part of our pattern. Whatever we fix our attention upon is our choice for where we want to go next. For some, the thought and understanding that their acts have real consequences can be paralyzing and while trying to escape that fear, people often tell themselves, "It doesn't matter," or "I can get away with this." But that message is very much a fast track to a destructive mode of thinking. Being able to self-regulate in order to soothe those fears and anxieties, to let go of those thoughts and trust in the restorative power of your life can bring healthy consequences to your vibration.
Sometimes people consider only the external consequences of their deeds: "Will I get caught? Will I get yelled at, fired, dumped by my partner?" They might very well get away with their little dramas and escape the dreaded reprimand or rejection. But the most important thing to be mindful of is...the state of the inner spirit.
Source knows what we mean and we really NEVER get away with anything.  That's the real tragedy: not to care for and value your own being and spirit enough to safeguard against losing inner peace. People often shortchange integrity and values to earn a better place in their exterior, visible life, but in the act they lose their place of honor within. You are your own judge, jury and witness.
Only right actions lead to feeling right and feeling right leads to right relationships.

At TAC, we can help you reclaim your inner place of peace and guide you with actions you can take to restore honor to yourself. This is not about anyone else. You cannot escape the consequences of your past actions, but you can always take a new action to begin to heal.  Take the right action today!

Thanks for reading.
As always,
Live. Well. Now.