May. 12, 2016


There's no doubt...we live in a highly sexualized society.
Everywhere we turn, sex is being used to sell something: food, a travel destination, a work of art, clothes.... It's a highly effective but corroding business that influences us even when we're not aware of it.
Because human sexuality and body parts are being used to peddle every imaginable thing we purchase, it is becoming difficult to disentangle ourselves from this kind of thinking in our personal relationships. We begin to fixate on the sexiness, body shape or attractive looks of others to the exclusion of all their other qualities. We over focus on the size of a person's facial features, muscles, or genitals, separating these from their spirit.
People can sexualize even ordinary events like making a new friend or being introduced to new colleagues. This hyper-aroused state is also a very disconnected one; it cuts us off from forming any real bonds to other people that are rooted in a heart connection and the acceptance of human fallibility. It's no surprise that we crave human contact and NOTHING can replace the human touch, yet we can still find ourselves isolated and alienated even when surrounded by other people.
This is a direct result of sexualization: It leaves us on the surface and lonely.
Worst of all, when we begin to compare and criticize our own appearance in the mirror, we reduce our core worth down to a number on a scale. To heal from this collective way of thinking doesn't mean we won't still appreciate the sexual attractiveness of another person. It just means that we are also willing to accept that other components of a person like their sense of humor, imagination, empathy, creativity and willingness to show up for us in life, are just as valuable and can be equally treasured!
Thanks for reading.
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Live. Well. Now.