May. 24, 2016


Our entire understanding of this world is built on the patterns we perceive. From mathematics to sacred geometry, observable patterns define our field of awareness. Some of those fixed patterns, we have no control over like planets orbiting the sun, a newborns instinctive desire to breathe, suckle and cry and animals although domesticated for generations, still follow automatic patterns of behavior.
Despite this, we know that certain patterns can be reset. Dogs might be programmed innately to bark or chase cats but with daily training, new behaviors can replace instinctive scripts. Same with may see and hear negative things, be treated in a way that does not feel good over a long period of time to the point of believing that it is the only way, but those negative patterns can be reprogrammed and your thoughts about yourself, your sexuality and your life can be seen and felt in a more positive light.
At TAC, focusing on discovering, retraining and recovery from destructive patterns of behavior is more possible than ever. When people share stories they often repeat the same details over and over as they process them into their looping memory. We need to learn to retell the story in a more positive light.
Learning and increasing attentiveness to wants, needs and desires in any area helps to form part of the new pattern of recovery, and finally creates new behavior. The very fact that our lives are built on so many patterns reveals a larger pattern to our lives.  Don't allow yourself to get stuck in a negative pattern, let us show you how.



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