May. 31, 2016

Holding Hands

Do not use force and do not seek power; just interlace your fingers and watch what happens...
Holding hands for the first time can be a monumental experience! Do you remember your first moment holding hands with your partner? That simple act can kindle passion like nothing else. The anticipation of flesh touching flesh charges your system to excite your heartbeat and to imagine further acts of connectedness. But, it is NOT just something to do with a partner. When we pause and fully appreciate the simplicity of holding hands, the familiar becomes a journey to extraordinary possibilities. 
We keep our children safe by holding their hands to get them across a street, to play with them, or to reassure them that all is well. The feeling of being held, of knowing that we're anchored to someone, creates security and grounds us to the core of our being. Sometimes we miss out on the natural joy of holding hands because we're caught up in the complexity of all else in life.  Girls hold hands with girls, boys hold hands with boys, adults of the same sex hold hands with each other as a gesture of friendship, love, and community. We can hold hands for MANY less hung up on the sexual connotation of handholding and more focused on how it connects us - to EVERYONE. 
When we drop self-consciousness and get into the present, pretension falls away and makes a space for authenticity. In that moment, the simplest gestures, like holding someone's hand, can be the beginning of something wondrous. 
Don't miss the opportunity today to make contact with someone you love, someone who just needs a friend or someone that needs a helping hand. Remember...NOTHING can replace the human touch.
Thanks for reading.
As always,
Live. Well. Now.