Jun. 9, 2016


The way we talk to ourselves filters how we experience life.
Positive self-talk impacts, creates and helps to shape our reality. The stories we tell ourselves over and over, will in time become our life story. Please remember...self-talk is self-fulfilling prophecy, and in many cases it's a self-perpetuating prophecy. From the moment babies are born they start to see and feel the world in tone, sound, pace, vibration. We all know that the way a person speaks can communicate more than what she/he's actually saying, and children are highly receptive to such nonverbal communication.
All that we are gets expressed. Even the act of faking who we are conveys our personal reality. That's why the most efficient and effective way of taking charge of our own lives is by practicing self-talk the way we would want to receive it. We bring awareness to where we shame ourselves, criticize ourselves, feed ourselves distorted messages. When we become more conscious, we won't want to have such messages running through our minds.
Just as much as we want to manifest positive attributes in our external life, we need to do so in our inner life, and that's the place to start!
What are you thinking right now about yourself? In what kind of voice do you want to receive love and healthy sexual intimacy? We don't have to strain our ears to hear loving validation from an external voice all the time; we can start to practice positive self-talk in tone, sound, pace and vibration that stimulates and satisfies us.
Let's work on creating better inner music...
Thanks for reading.
As always,
Live. Well. Now.