Jun. 24, 2016

Sexual Energy

A lot of people use sex as the ONLY way to feel better about their sexual energy...the life-making energy that we give and receive from the world. But we overlook that we can feel better about our sexual energy ALL the time; it's not a matter of whether we're having sex or not.
Can we even really define exactly where sex starts and ends? Does it start the moment you take your clothes off? The moment you get into one of your favorite sex acts? At penetration...is that sex? Does it end at climax? We all have an energy within that interacts with our world. To exist is to touch life and to experience the glow of that interaction and yes, sometimes it is sexual.
Many people are living in a state of deprivation when it comes to HEALTHY sexual energy. Even if people are sexually active, they can still experience this lack because they're often thinking "I want sex now, the way I want it." Whether or not a person is in fact having sex does not determine his or her sexual energy, just as if a person is honest, he or she is honest even when not actually in the act of telling a truth. That status of "honest" gets to coast on one's general actions and doesn't need constant proof.
Try to see sex in these terms. There are times when we are honored with the gift of sex with another, enjoying the exchange of the sexual energies and there are other times where we need to feel content and fulfilled just in the knowing that we are healthy sexual people.
At TAC, we help you work on your own energy and help your partner work on their energy so when the two healthy sexual energies come together...BAM! 


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