Jul. 11, 2016


There's something sexy about people who possess strength and allow us to be strong in turn...who can bear our strength. So often we dribble out just enough strength to handle the immediate situation, sensing but never achieving the true range of our power. Brute strength on the battlefield or in sports certainly thrills us when watching movies or at a game, but exercising the muscles of relational skills provides the sweeter joy of speaking in our true voice with the gentle strength of our soul. It takes great fortitude to communicate honestly, soberly, deeply about sexual needs, since many cultures malign and ridicule open sexual intimacy. Most of us confuse strength with rigidity or false pride. Those types of self-perceptions can be the self-deceptive result of early learned behaviour.
True strength connects our true self to life. 
Striving to become our best selves as we face each day requires inner strength. Relationships and facing the imperfect, meaningful life with another, challenges us constantly to let go of selfish needs and expectations. The saying goes "The more we grasp, the less we gain." Our strength is not in conquering the world but in conquering ourselves.
In this society where sexual messages are so warped and the meaning of love is so lost, we need to be peaceful warriors fighting for relational and sexual health. It takes great force to do so, since it depends on a knowledge of our self apart from the powerful group mindset.  Strength means sticking to our true self, and may be measured by how much we appreciate every distinctive true quality of our beloved.
At TAC we can show you how to reach the purest desire...to love all we experience fearlessly and with strength. 

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