Aug. 10, 2016


Love is free.

If love costs, that expense is due to some trait other than love. Ambition will cost you. Envy, fear, revenge and greed...they all have a price.

Honestly, we all possess most positive and negative attributes to varying degrees. What you think about a partner/lover can reveal many considerations beyond love: "Is my partner attractive / entertaining / wealthy / powerful / popular enough?" These mainstream measures of worth are ingrained habits from early programming and, who knows, perhaps even earlier. The human tendency to appraise others like fine furniture for selfish reasons is entrenched in our society.

Love and Right Relationship are the only antidotes. They are freeing agents, they unite and release. Love and Right Relationship identifies with all it touches, obliterating the wrong doing and painful sense of separateness that leads us to compare and despair.


Using sex as a commodity only is an age-old sexual attitude that still rules certain cultures. It's no wonder we struggle to find the worth of sexual love separate from egoistical concerns. When we sell sex without any emotinal healing we lessen the effect of one of our greatest forms of communication. Some may find it hard to ignore how much a partner is worth materially. This type of assessment can differ from appreciating a partner's worth to calculating it and while you may be thinking these sound the same, the results differ for sure:

One exalts and the other oppresses.

Even giving your partner high marks on your mental checklist is a form of checking their worth, creating a duality wherein your partner's value depends on  your current opinion, which we ALL know can change according to his or her behaviour on any given day.

But appreciating another's worth is an intimate act that involves sharing personal truths without other motives. Developing the habit of giving love freely requires TAC, we can show you that you're worth it!


Thanks for reading.


As always,

Live. Well. Now.