Sep. 10, 2016

Age Ain't Nothing But A Number

The false truth floating around out there is that aging kills our sexuality. The truth is that while many senior citizens do "retire" from lovemaking, many others don't and more and more sexy seniors are saying so. Sex after 50, 60 even 70 can be hot, deeply fulfilling sex and last for many years.

Of course, aging brings sexual changes but compared with the angst of teen sex, older sex can be exuberant, like Fourth of July fireworks and at other times more. For many older folks, interest in sex remains strong and if you're playful and have an open mind, it's not difficult to adjust to the erotic changes aging brings and enjoy satisfying sex well into your nineties, bringing greater sensuality, deeper intimacy, and more erotic fulfillment.

There are some sex problems that can increase with age. Women can develop vaginal dryness and vaginal atrophy, thinning of the vaginal wall and men can have issues with erectile dysfunction worrying that if they can't raise erections, they can't have orgasms. No! Erection is not necessary for the male orgasm... but both of these issues can be dealt with naturally.

Some of us still equate intercourse and sex, and decide that if intercourse becomes problematic, then your sex life must be over. There's much more to sex than intercourse. Choose intimacy over intercourse and focus instead on genital hand massages, oral sex, and sharing your sexual energy for longevity and very satisfying sex.


Lovemaking can be enjoyable, restorative and fulfilling at any age.


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Live. Well. Now.