Sep. 22, 2016

The Four "F's"


The hypothalamus is one of the most important parts of our brains, involved in many kinds of motivation. Among other functions, it controls the ‘Four F’s’: fighting, fleeing, feeding, and fornicating.


We’ve all heard the phrase, “Use it or lose it,” and it couldn’t be more true when dealing with both our brains and our genitals. The hypothalamus is one of the major connectors between the brain and the body, motivating us to all kinds of actions, including sex. For this reason we often refer to the brain as the biggest sex organ in the body. When we see an image or person that excites our mental sexual part, signals go through the hypothalamus down to the genitals. Well after we’ve taken in that sight, seconds, even minutes, pass before the genitals are aroused. Exercising discretion about which and how many images we take in and what sexual situations we enter means we’re using our “brain power” rather than being run by our genital power. With good brain-power you can enjoy beauty and sensuality all day long without over-taxing or abusing your mind/body.

While letting endless sexual images of all types run rampant in our minds can create sexual problems and depriving ourselves of sexual energy and attraction can create many kinds of sexual problems. If we don’t use our genitals, meaning if we don’t have healthy, regular sexual contact for the purpose of pleasure and connection with a partner, it can eventually take longer for us to get aroused by sex. When women and men go for years without sexual engagement the body will shut down in those areas causing issues when you are finally ready to be sexually active again.

At TAC, we can help you find that balance to in-joy the best of BOTH. Remember, your body is your temple, so don’t deny yourself pleasure–use it, or lose it.


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