Sep. 30, 2016


In the spaces between two people who share familiarity and closeness, lives intimacy. A space that weaves connection, mutual understanding, and the sense that the other sees you as nobody else does. Its these ingredients that form a synergy out of which love and eroticism emerge. This most private and personal space can occur with a lover during sexual engagement, in a restaurant, or on a walk along the sea.

Intimacy reveals our innermost self–our inner sanctum which, we ourselves, often discover only in communion with another. How many times have you had a revelation about your sexuality while sexually engaged or learned about an essential core value you hold while in deep conversation with someone you love? Intimacy means to make known, make one SEE, but it teaches about ourselves as well as the other. When we stop hiding from ourselves and begin to tell the truth about who we are, we make ourselves vulnerable to see into the depths of our own soul.

Such openness can be frightening because there’s the possibility we’ll discover something we might feel is scary or will be judged by our partner. Courage is a requisite for this most intimate of all tasks, as are our favorite 3; a willingness, knowledge and the ability to venture into the depths of the unknown and that we will emerge changed for the better.

Strip down to your nakedness and bare the raw truth of who you are. Don’t be surprised if you find that in this most exposed state you connect to yourself, your partner, and the divine in unimaginable, powerful, and erotic ways.


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