Oct. 10, 2016


We can either invest  our moments with the ego, or we can let go.

Out of fear, we vainly seek impossible surety in an ever-changing universe or, out of faith, we respond to our calling believing success because we connect to a higher being. When we're full of ego, we hear only what we want to hear, which frustrates everyone in our lives including ourselves. This self-induced deafness to others blocks our own greater selves.

Imagine being stuck at any childhood age and refusing to grow up. Playing make-believe games at four is cute but at forty, not so much...it's a problem. Unfortunately we have to struggle to progress beyond our typical programming. Like animals instinctually returning to their birthplace, we often instinctually repeat  history...the family curse passed through generations. Of course, as adults we can erase the old tapes and make new ones ourselves and fulfill our own potential. But early attachment patterns impact how we deal with new information. It's not enough to seek the help of others; we have to be able to follow the directions.


How often do we seek advice and then refuse to follow it or get new info on how to address an issue and then after agreeing how helpful it is...do nothing to take advantage or put it to good use?  Understand, most of our problems touch our process (what we are going through), not our position (where we are). When we become stuck in consciousness, then life, it's because of an immature or obsolete process that does not work for the now.

The very act of seeking help outside that old "tried & true" is our first healing step. And when we seek a new direction, unless it conflicts with our deepest values, we must somehow learn to follow it. At TAC we believe that healing comes not from the brilliance of the information we give, but from the courageous willingness to follow where it may lead. Unless we change direction, we end up right where we are, because the thinking that created the conflict cannot solve it. We need a Higher Power or in our case, taking direction from people who have heard, handled and healed from similar issues. 


Thanks for reading.

As Always,

Live. Well. Now.