Jan. 4, 2017

You’re Invited


With this fresh new start to our new year, the prospect of an intimate relationship and healthy sex life gets more exciting and inspires us to reflect profoundly on ourselves, our experiences, and our purpose. Like those phones we loved to be attached to...what we send out is what we receive, send natsy hurtful messages then do not expect to get love and understanding in return!  

To seek sexual and relational intimacy through neediness, coercion or manipulation will, by way of the Law of Attraction, invite those qualities into any relationship you encounter. We can invite the potent force of eroticism only if we stop grasping or trying to control. With open hands and hearts, the energy of the passionate depths we all share can flow through us, igniting our connection with lasting vitality and mutual affinity.

What values do you cherish in a loving sexual connection? Attraction. Passion. Respect. Autonomy. Expression. These gifts and others exist as potentialities within us all. But we are powerless to receive them unless we first nourish them within ourselves. We need to set the stage for a celebration, we draw intimacy into our lives by creating a sacred space for it. Every invitation we extend; holiday feast, public performance, romantic date, materializes only as the result of our intention to truly enjoy our guests' whether through delicious dinner, delightful experience, or treasured closeness.

Similarly, eroticism arrives as a result of the intentions we've set, our willingness to be open to new experience, and our true desire to connect more deeply with ourselves, with others, and with life. Make this the year you make time for what makes you happy and healthy. At TAC we have many workshops to help start you on that new journey and all are welcome!


Thanks for reading.


As always,

Live. Well. Now.