Jan. 18, 2017



To be able to uncover, process and then release trauma is key to healthy sex and loveships. We deal with two kinds of trauma: explicit (known) trauma and implicit (unknown) trauma. Bodily trauma may cause surface bruises that soon fade, or serious disabilities that takes lifelong care. The same may be said for psychological trauma. We don't always remember traumas we've dealt with because we work so hard NOT to remember, although they're literally built into our brains and bodies. We may always wonder why certain areas of our lives like relationships, career, personal wellbeing seem so stuck and that is because it takes great effort to release the damage of unprocessed trauma.

Without healthy management of trauma, most of us default to auto-pilot. Avoiding the pain through behaviours like thumb-sucking in younger years or excess masturbation in adult years or many other habitual dissociations (drugs, alcohol, over eating) leading to addictions. The real issue behind any addiction...unconscious tactics trying to fix unprocessed trauma.

If we could remember growing up, you know life is full of unresolved ordeals ranging from the forgettable to the spectacular. A parent forgets to pick up a kid from school, a parent abuses you, friends make plans without you, your crush blows you off, your relationship ends. These everyday issues build up over time but rarely get closure. Our usual way to deal seems to be swallowing the experience and hoping it doesn't happen again. Likewise the severe damage inflicted by abuse, violence, rape or incest, too often doesn't receive desperately needed treatment.

When trauma isn't processed and healed, past patterns of emotional, psychological, physical or sexual abuse will be relived on an unconscious level with your current partner or other relationships. Often mistaken for healthy relating, this type of bonding through trauma leads many to accept these relational conditions as our inescapable fate. At TAC, we help you envision a process to break the bonds of past trauma. You've heard the motto, "Physician, heal thyself" Come to TAC and heal yourself!


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