Feb. 13, 2017


If we (metaphorically) sleep-walk through life, we miss the abundance, beauty, joy, and wonder life has to offer. If we sleep-walk through our relationships, we miss the same and more. Your partner has unique qualities to share with you if you're awake and present enough to notice. Rise from your apathy for yourself and your partner by calling forth memories of times that were filled with play and joy, and bring those attributes into your relationship and into your sex life today and everyday, not just because it's Valentine's Day. 


When you choose to stir that which has been asleep you may at first feel groggy, like that early-morning riser, not knowing exactly how to orient yourself or find your way. Trust that your senses will awaken one by one, because you've chosen respect, acceptance and connection of self and your intention to activate your relationship and sex life!


Thanks for reading.

As always,

Live. Well. Now.