Mar. 1, 2017


Our intentions filter our perception of the world, so set them with great care! For instance, love addicts project their unsolicited romantic intentions onto others who may not at all be of like mind or even reciprocate their feelings, and sex addicts sexualize even the most simple non-sexual situations through the lense of narrow intentions.


In contrast, setting  healthy intentions means formulating and, most importantly, following a conscious, realistic aim and plan. How often have you resolved to make a change only to find your will-power give in and your resolution vaporize? To intend requires that you pursue an effective course of action related to an attainable purpose. Your intention can be as simple as respecting your relationship or as challenging as manifesting a treasured ideal in your life. The work is to keep your Attention on your Intention and to take small actions every day to realize it.


When it comes to love relationships, most of us rarely set intentions beyond those vows of marriage. We seem to fall into a stupor thinking that we'll never have to reevaluate our goals or dreams with our partners. Many are afraid to have needed conversations with their partners about how they and their intentions have changed over time (YES! THEY DO CHANGE!), even when it's obvious. We all can be dynamic, novelty-seeking creatures and we live in a world that never stays the same so, naturally, you and your life will change, whether you set new intentions or not. Make the journey and great one and evoke your courage to envision the life you'd like to have, now. Talk to your partner about your latest hopes, and dare to set bold intentions together and separately. Find ways to attend to your intentions and watch them manifest into the adventurous life you desire.

Go big!


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Live. Well. Now.