Mar. 13, 2017


Love is a relief and through that relief, you can find release. It's a relief to find someone who is complimentary and matches our inner vision along with our energetic one. We might not even have realized how lonely we were, or have paid much attention to the angst and yearning, or simply did not know what those feelings were.


We all have unknown stress...from not belonging, not sharing others' feelings or interests, fearing that we'll never deeply connect with another. To connect even for a moment on some level brings relief to swallowed stress and all the ailments that come with it. The arts usually depict the lover's sigh of relief as a swoon, but it could just as easily signify sadness, regret, dismay or boredom.


Where there's a sigh, there's a provocation and a need for release.


People who sigh during sexual engagement or in a partner's embrace might seem to be in their own solitary experience, but that is the smallest form of release and only the tip of the iceberg.  The slightest touch can release repressed tension that may be deeper than that of the current situation. Some of us, whether healers or seducers, have taken the time to hone the ability to read those vibrations, learning that touching more than skin...touching life's tension while letting your partner know it is ok to be vulnerable, can cause a  cacophony of erotic releases.


 A release feels like it comes from the gut and the heart. It's an intimate form of communication in a way, as if words were superfluous. Is it possible to release without feeling safe? Releasing signifies trust...a seed that may sprout into full bloom but is not yet at that stage if the trust is not there. A release can be a beautiful way we express that we feel safe enough to share feelings. Stop waiting to exhale and come for a workshop that can show you how to truly release yourself.


Thanks for reading.

As Always,

Live. Well. Now.