Mar. 27, 2017


No matter what the circumstances  may seem, we have the ability to stay serene. Whenever we notice that we are losing our serenity, we tend to find those comfortable spaces that show us how you lose ourselves through our addiction to discontent, anger, anxiety, shame, drama, or chaos. These  habits are the key factors that rob us of our rightful serenity. The lack of serenity is not just a signal of reactivity; it's also a reinforcement, that creates constant ripples of reactivity pulling us even further and further from our serenity. 


Sex and attraction are perfect playing fields to mark the depth and constancy of our serenity. Our ability to be present for the sex act no matter what happens (especially when the combustible energies flooding our system go from arousal to satisfaction), whether giving, receiving, anticipating, fulfilling, we're always ready to let go, to go for the gold! So sex always brings up desire, but can sometimes frustrate it too. To keep our serenity within all of that, to focus on the engagement with a partner,  can help build the healthy emotional muscles that maintain your serenity in daily life. 


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