While we seek to cover the most very basic questions in our faq’s, we ask that you contact us directly for clarity & completeness surrounding your inquiries. It’s our aim for you to have the most up-to-date and relevant information possible to make the choice needed for your health, wealth and longevity.
1. What will I get from using your programs/services?
a. Our programs/services are designed to assist you in releasing the stressors associated with specific areas of dis-ease from imbalance and traumas. Our programs/services assist with the eradication and elimination of blockages, prevention of recurring and persistent issues for optimal health and wealth.
2. How will your ensure my confidentiality?
a. Due to the controversial nature and perceptions surrounding the methods and information of our programs/services, our sessions are designed for exclusivity by limited scheduling and secure screening. Sessions are limited to never have more than two clients or two couples in attendance, based on the program. Exceptions are rare.
3. Where are the programs given/Where are you physically
a. Our base is in Quintana Roo, Mexico.
4. Will my medical issue stop me from being able to benefit from your services?
a. The practices and methods we employ are all structured for practical ease and individual use relative to your disposition and can be enjoyed on varying levels despite any medical or health issue that does not severely limit your mobility. Our environment is simplistic, nontoxic, and natural for healing, cleansing, and revitalization for a life-enhancing release.
5. What is the attendance for your programs/services?
a. We have found most who find talk therapy to be less effective than desired, those experiencing pervading sexual energy blockages, those suffering from relational (relationship) illness, and certain mature individuals that have passed the age of their Saturn trials. We welcome all to embrace our vision of free-flowing sexual energy as one of the most effective modalities of healing.
6. Do your programs/services involve being naked (nude) and touching other people?
a. Our programs/services entail no requirements for being naked (nudity). There will
be practices and methods used where the option of being nude is possible for
maximum comfort, but these are minimal and only acceptable using candor, timeliness, and at the discretion of the individual. Conscious touch is utilized for both healing and release but is not shared amongst participants unless they are partners in a couples program. Individuals that form some positive agreeable healing partnerships during a program are welcome to enjoy this as well.
7. Do your services require me to have any sexual contact (exchange) with others?
a. There is no explicit touch or sexual contact amongst individuals during any program or service. We ensure your safety, security, and discretion in order for you to feel comfortable and get the maximum benefit from our programs/services. While there is a focus on working with sexual energy as a self-healing modality, the focus is not on sexual engagement. Please
understand that nothing supersedes your will and intention.
8. What if some of the practices and methods conflict with my belief system or religion?
a. Our programs/services assist in the realization of your full potential utilizing your sexual energy. The practices and methods of our programs/services can be applied to many areas of your life in ways that do not conflict with your spiritual and religious beliefs. Your self-healing will augment your beliefs bringing more physical and emotional well-being.
9. How fast will I see results from your programs/services?
a. Individuals can reasonably expect to start benefiting from their chosen program/service immediately, with increasing results becoming noticeable usually within 22 days, based upon but not limited to their practice frequency, follow-through, use of check-in guidance and assistance, and individual belief in the healing power of your sexual energy.
10. How are you able to offer these services when you only operate by donation?
a. At TAC, we do not offer our services at a standard price because you can't put a price on health, love, or life. We do this work because we enjoy helping others and we ask for donations based on what you receive while here. We know you will leave our programs happier and well on your way towards a healthier life experience. We don't do this work for profit, we do it because of our sincere belief in its power.
11. Why do you offer a 24hr Program, is that even enough time?
a. Parkinson’s Law: “Work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion.”

The bottom line - it provides results. If work expands to fill the time allotted to it, make less time available to get more work done quicker. Whether or not you’re aware of it, you’ve probably experienced Parkinson’s Law many times in real life:

  • In college, you had all semester to write a paper, and yet you wrote it in the last 72 hours before the deadline and emailed it in at 5 am when it was due.
  • You had all week to finalize a proposal but waited to do it until 4:30 pm on Friday.
  • All year you knew you had a wedding or beach vacation to get ready for but you put off healthy eating and went on a crash diet four weeks before the trip.

 You can apply artificial limitations to whatever you do in order to do it more efficiently. When you do, you’ll find out that you can do a lot more in a lot less time.