Dynamic Demigoddess

Restoring the Goddess Within

 It's all about your self CONNECTION and the positive flow of energy. This program is designed for effective restoration of your positive feminine energy flow, awareness, exploration and open discussion leading to healing and enrichment.


24hr Dynamic Demigoddess

The Dynamic Demigoddess part of our 24hr program creates the opportunity for restoring the feminine energy flow within. Just a few of the major issues this program helps with are:
• loss of passion & drive
• self-esteem & body image issues
• neediness & monophobic based behavior
• anxiety & self-judgment afflictions
• chronic fatigue & frequent sickness complications

This program is explicitly for women seeking to restore their flow of the female (Venus) energy and elimination of the major issues of this feminine energy being out of alignment. We facilitate a concentrated living arts forum on how to soothe the ills associated with blockages of energy and imbalances created by these blockages.

Five of the major areas affecting most women surrounding blockages to the flow of their feminine energy also hampers the effective use of sexual energy in daily life. These are:

Sexual Commoditization – Many women experience the negative effects of societal commoditization of sexual engagement & sexual roles. This promotes a cycle of sexual objectification, rationalized shame, ridicule, hatred and guilt. These create major blocks of feminine energy and dis-ease.

Emotional Instability – Emotional instability creates a life focus from a fear based perspective, which never serves to resolve any of the issues women deal with. Women are experiencing mild to severe physiological imbalances that negatively alter choices and their overall demeanor.

Victim Identification – Victim identification happens when the beliefs surrounding a woman's experience are based upon the first two issues. Although often traumatic, identification as a victim is a harsh reality in leaving women feeling powerless to feel respected, accepted, and connected as the gift they represent in their physical form.

Tuning Out – Where a woman has stopped listening to her body, or has allowed the shutting down of her body, feeling numb, stoic and sometimes lethargic; mostly from the lack of the positive flow of the feminine energy.

Lack of Confidence Health – Allows the lack of self-esteem to set a negative flow of feminine energy in life engagement. Women with confidence health issues can experience an unhealthy emotional lifestyle that may be associated with medical reasons but also energetically linked to self-esteem issues.