Male Illumination

Reclaiming Vigor & Valor

It's all about your self CONNECTION and the positive flow of energy. This program is designed for restoration of your masculine energy flow, awareness, exploration, and relative discussion leading to healing and power.

24hr Male Illumination

The Male Illumination part of our 24hr program involves creating the opportunity for restoring your masculine energy flow. Just a few of the major issues this program helps with are:

• low vitality or impotency
• self-esteem & body image issues
• dependency & passivity problems
• anger & dissociative demeanor
• addiction to risky behavior

Distinctly for men seeking restoration their flow of masculine (Mars) energy and raising their energy level to overcome the major shortcomings of blocked or misaligned sexual energy. The 24hr program works on alleviating the real problem holding back the male sexual energy. Men can expect to actively feel better, look better, and BE better at utilizing their male energy both internally and externally. Some areas challenging those with blocked male energy are:

Obsession – An over-focus on sexual gratification in a direct or indirect manner that depletes the masculine energy creating dysfunction in relating to self and others. This can become on a repetitive cycle of depletion of the critical male energy.

Paranoia – Many men possess irrational fears based on different levels of attention given towards ‘playing the game’ of romance, their success in romantic pursuits, or extreme avoidance of being taken advantage of. This gives way to feelings of being isolation, feeling unappreciated, and unworthy.

Defining the Phallus – Many men deal with their lives constructed around the definition of their phallus and their interaction with the world. As body parts are measured and valued based upon negative views of commodity, male beliefs can be poisoned by sound patterning and adherence to unproductive beliefs, myths, and legends associated with the phallus. This has a profound effect on the way men utilize unique their sexual energy.

Inadequacy – These feelings of inadequacy create difficult blockages to the flow of male energy. These feelings often dominate more positive flowing emotions and open paths to experiencing emotional and physical trauma. Feelings of inadequacy apply to all areas of major life activity and are the catalyst to experiencing dis-ease of the body and diminished mental clarity.

Unhealthy Lifestyle – An unhealthy lifestyle keeps a majority of men from performing at their best on an emotional, mental and physical level. This is more about generating a positive energy flow and releasing blockages that keep the masculine sexual energy from reaching peak moment to moment potentials.