24hr Program For Couples

Cures for Relational Illness

It's all about your CONNECTION with self and your partner to enjoy creating the positive flow of energy. Our programs are designed for development of your energetic flow, creating sustainable intimacy, sharing your awareness, exploration and expansive discussion. These will promote healing between you and your partner while enriching your life.

24hr Practical Intimacy NOW

Understanding how the unique benefits surrounding the positive flow of sexual energy can make a big difference in your relational experience. As a partner in any relationship, there are responsibilities of sharing good energy that sometimes gets off track, and the blockage of your sexual energy may be manifesting itself in these ways:

• the “magic” has ended in your relationship
• increased & lasting disharmony in your relationship
• feeling stuck or stoic with your partner
• difficulty with change-of-life conditions
• empty-nester’s seeking reconnection

The Practical Intimacy Now part of our 24hr program is a straightforward intimacy building set of practices and tools for sensible development of closeness, caring and affection. This program improves the union of partners, increases individual and shared happiness, and secures the longevity factors directly affected by the interaction between partners (health & wealth). The combined use of energetic and physiological principles works to upgrade each partner's emotional intelligence while clearing sexual energy blockages for a successful harmonious union. You and your partner will also share in practicing relaxing touch methods known to enhance and increase your loving connection. These are body holds, positions, and various modes of interaction that will enhance your experience and support bonding, endearment and a deeper state of intimacy. Some of the benefits you'll both experience are:

• Deepening your connection with your partner
• Learning a partner activity that’s good for you & your relationship
• Revitilization from giving & receiving whole-body attention

Revitalization advanced program is a follow-up to the intimacy building set of practices and tools is also available by attending a LoveSexy weekend. This will take the practices to the next level of intimacy. The specific techniques covered will enhance your ability to create an inner space of healing for each other, along with methods to counteract difficult crisis and dilemmas that drain your energy and wherewithal. Special rituals and ways to physically give restoring and regenerative energy to each other for success in reaching your longevity goals are presented in an arousing yet tasteful manner. You and your partner will also share practicing more invasive relaxing touch methods that can be used for both bliss and burst moments of interaction.