Better Together Intentional Community


We are seeking like-minded people interested in home-sharing and the actual development of an Intentional Community in the Quintana Roo area.  Some ideas to think about to determine your initial interest are:

• Expatriate living

• Responsible vacationing 

• Medical health/wellness vacationing

• Eco farming or sustainable eco-living

• Supportive & developmental lifestyles

• Alternative health strategies

• Mental, emotional and/or sexual health and wellness

• Simplistic natural lifestyles

• Changing the path of a cannibalistic and cruel retirement

• Cooperative shared relationships or lifestyles


While we welcome questions, comments, and responses from all, we are readily open to those seeking acceptance, respect, and connection for real development and investment towards a shared vision of better health and wealth – equaling Longevity. We enjoy the opportunity of providing international healing services and promoting increased health and wealth, increased happiness through inner satisfaction, and the promotion of successfully shared living options.

We believe coming together for the enjoyment of sustainable living and providing quality natural wellness provides a moderate path of meaningful income, while also sharing holistic knowledge and growth with others. Our Playa del Carmen location provides an excellent environment to relieve and self-heal from disorders, such as lupus, male and female reproductive issues, depression, imbalance disorders, erectile and prostate issues, heart and hypertension disease. This area and location is:

• In a peaceful tropical setting

• Vegetarian based

• Secure & Safe

 Calming for the practice of alternative treatments 

• Available for small group and customized instruction

• Simplistic and natural luxury

• Effectuates intimate energy

While it may seem like a new phenomenon, the wave of U.S. citizens going abroad in search of new opportunities and more congenial ways of life is more than wanderlust. It's about people like us sharing our story of better health. The healing properties of cleaner air, natural and organic foods, and the capability to stretch limited income or pension dollars makes it easy to understand the need and necessity of intentional communities. We are just a couple seeking like-minded others to form a group of people who have decided to live a better life together for better health and wellness.

We seek to serve the needs of the local expatriate retirement community, as well as visitors by providing these services and consultations able to enhance or increase total health and the spark in your relationships. A return to more natural living will automatically put you on the path to wellness and longevity.

Please feel free to send any inquiries and suggestions to