Mar. 8, 2017

The Body Keeps The Score

As of late there’s been a rise of the ‘SugarDaddy” type of interaction becoming more socially prevalent. The more times change, the more we seem to digress. It should not be a surprise. The tighter the markets and resources get, people become very interested in finding a way to put a spin on practical needs. It’s very easy to notice, just listen to the popular music. Less and less about ‘balling and ‘blinging, and more and more about taking care of and checking the self. The comical side is that those participating in these arrangements wish to pass them off as ‘mentoring’ and all other manner of activity other than what it is, prostitution. I know, I know…there are those that will say it’s a hater’s comment to make, but , keep it real, and practical. While it’s easy to use the usual connotation of the word, I prefer to point you to the more often forgot original use of the word, which according to Webster means “to devote to corrupt or unworthy purposes”.


In this current deficit of meaningful self-awareness and relating, we tend to not pay attention to the married lonely, the straight-up lonely, the individualized single-hood, and now usual non-intimate get-togethers and meetings between people (they are NOT relationships). A sad state indeed, for when opportunities abound for people; especially the men of means, wisdom and maturity, we see the stampede of ‘opportunists’ to use what they have to get next to the youngest hot mama, or wanna be hot mama (let’s keep it very real on that one too) for a change at reveling in the thrills of having sex with one or more of them. I do not hate. Just because it’s not my thing or I’m not seeking to live the Vegas dream does not mean I don’t see the good it ‘could’ have, but the LYING has to stop.


Popping Viagra pills or swishing down energy drinks to try to keep up or perform for your young honey should be evidence enough that this activity won’t get you far. “The Body Keeps the Score”, although it’s a great book, I’m not referring to the book written that shows the need for real treatment of childhood trauma from the ACE scores by middle aged people (mainstream folks at that, who seemed to be void of such troubles). I’m referring to the ills and diseases that come from the shattered spirits and troubled minds that think such an activity will get them above the lack they are experiencing, the men AND the females. Yes, there are some SugarMommas out there replicating such behavior, but Venus has her own games much more fun to play than keeping up with the Boy’s club.


The need for intimacy in your life is real. The need for shared intimacy is critical. Your spirit/soul was not meant for isolation, nor frivolity. The healing nature of sexual wellness has more to do with your inner person than your outer genitals, but if you truly want good physical health and well functioning sexual equipment, it won’t be from avoiding doing the simplistic work towards your sexual wellness that is necessary to have it. We most certainly have come forward enough to know that a superficial ego boost can only take you so far, and the easy attitude about paying for company isn’t the evil one should be aware of. It’s the evil of indulging in the only sin, the untruth to self, which will eventually do you in.


Hey, it's not my party so, go for it Big Daddy, enjoy it while it’s hot. Markets will change again and then what? I once heard a famous rapper say, “The girlies are free, but the crack costs money!” So, what happens when there’s no more money and no more crack?


As always,

Live. Well. Now!